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GAIA S.A. MELETON provides Project Management Services in topics related to:

  • Supervision of design, construction and operation
  • Preparation of guidelines and standards
  • Preparation of tender documents
  • Strategic planning
  • Investment programs
  • Submission of proposals on EU co-funded programs
  • Preparation of financial proposals
  • Evaluation of projects and programs

Moreover, our Company has the necessary expertise and extensive experience in land use, spatial, urban and building legislation, ownership, legal issues related to real estate and property, land, etc. so as to be able to provide a Protection Plan for serious investors on Property and Land Ownership.

  • Research on uniqueness of titles / mortgages etc.
  • Research on property boundaries and areas (including provision of appropriate
  • topographical diagram)
  • Research on land use property
  • Research on building legislation, current and potential future use
  • Research on settlement acts, implementation acts, actuarial acts, etc.
  • Property settlement support
  • Research on environmental and other technical constraints
  • Certificate on Energy Estate performance
  • Research on constructions’ quality
  • Asset economic analysis and evaluation

Cordinator of Project Management and Real Estate Department is Mr. Mpellas Georgios and substitute coordinator is Mrs. Mamouni Ifigenia – Georgia.