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The Hydraulics division is one of the most dynamic and strongly growing activity sectors at GAIA S.A. MELETON. More specifically our fully trained and experienced personnel provide engineering design services related to:

  • Water supply networks
  • External aqueducts
  • Storm water drainage
  • Sewage water
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Flood protection works and hydraulic engineering competence
  • Road drainage
  • Arrangement and restoration of streams and rivers
  • Land Reclamation Works and water management
  • Dams and irrigation
  • Provision of consulting services in Hydraulic Works (Drainage settlements, sewage treatment plants, water distribution, torrents arrangements etc.)

Our Company’s hydraulic section has fully trained and experienced engineering personnel that are familiar with the regulatory frameworks on this category’s projects and are constantly updated on relevant developments. We invest in education on the latest research, design and other specialized software to ensure a high quality outcome.

Coordinator of Hydraulic Project Department is Mr. Strakalis Zafirios.