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The Transport and Traffic Management Projects division at GAIA S.A. MELETON provides development services on simple or more complex traffic transportation design. More specifically we provide the following services:

  • Integrated solutions for traffic management systems and traffic control
  • Transport demand forecast
  • Traffic impact assessment
  • Environmental assessments (pollution, noise, vibration)
  • Traffic models development (macroscopic and microscopic)
  • Urban traffic control
  • Planning and parking management
  • Planning and organization of traffic measurements and surveys
  • Planning, designing and dimensioning of cycle paths
  • Design and dimensioning light signaling
  • Urban and rural roads design
  • Development and designing of level crossings and interchanges
  • Signaling and insurance roads projects

Coordinator of Transport and Traffic Management Department is Mr. Chrisomallidis Charalampos and substitute coordinator is Mr. Strakalis Zafirios.