“Regional and urban planning of the Municipality of Skydra”

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On 04-26-2018, a Contract was signed with the Municipality of Skydra for the preparation of the “Local Spatial Plan of the Municipality of Skydra” study. The study is prepared based on the New Spatial Planning Law 4447/2016 “Spatial Planning – Sustainable development and other provisions”, with the aim of preparing a spatial planning study for the entire Municipality.

The Municipality of Skydra is the first municipality in Greece to prepare such a study (according the new specifications) and adapts to the new spatial and urban planning framework of the 21st century.

The study  is complex and includes the main spatial planning study, the Strategic Environmental Impact Study of the spatial proposals proposed by the main study and the Geological Risk and Geological Suitability Assessment Study of the areas to be urbanized as well as the investigation of the necessity of preparing a hydraulic and topographical study due to the possible presence of water currents in the areas to be built.

The study will determine, through guidelines and regulations, the pattern of spatial development and organization throughout the territory of the Municipality, the land use zones and building conditions and restrictions, the sizes of development, the general urban organization of the residential receptors, the basic environmental and technical infrastructures and the framework to protect the natural and cultural environment, to deal with emergency situations and to adapt to climate change.