GAIA S.A. MELETON uses and develops the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and has incorporated this technology in all projects, prepared in full compliance with European and Greek directives for the organization, management and dissemination of geospatial data and metadata (data & metadata).In this context, our company implements both for public and private institutions a wide range of GIS applications such as:

  • Digitization of geospatial data (digital forms), their organization into geodatabases and application of spatial analysis.
  • Road networks analysis, travel time, finding the optimal route
  • Producing maps – data and full technical support in mountaineering-speleological societies, rescue groups, animal welfare organizations, etc. (mapping caves, caverns statistics, classification-Proposed-mountaineering routes statistics, slope, length, year)
  • GIS applications in agriculture (Agriculture Precision – Precision Farming)
  • Calibrated Layouts photovoltaic systems (Research Area suitability for installation-tilt, orientation, exposure to solar radiation in maps outlining analysis, overall research and legal status of the urban area)
  • Demographic statistics analyzed using GIS at citiy and municipal district levels

In recent years, the effort to record all geospatial data in the country has intensified. In 2010 a new legislation (N.3382/2010, Gov. 166A) established the National Geospatial Information Infrastructure (EIGEP,, This infrastructure aims to implement the EU Directive INSPIRE – Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe (Directive 2007/2/EC INSPIRE) that was adopted by the European Parliament on March 14th, 2007.
In the spirit of equal access to geospatial data and services for all citizens and Public Administration, a number of free web GIS applications of geospatial data have been created. The list below provides some examples of applications that can be accessed for free:

  • – Free view and dissemination of geospatial data.
  • – National environmental information network-YPEKA, geospatial data related to air, water, noise, oils, fuels, nature, industry, Seveso locations, waste, work activities, planning, environmental inspectors.
  • – National information system of energy-YPEKA, geospatial data on energy legislation, energy balances, aggregated-disaggregated data, energy maps, capacity maps, national electric network, natural resources, renewable resources, natural gas, oil.
  • – Viewing Service orthophotomaps – Shooting Date (2007-09) LSO-VLSO (0.5-0.2pixel size)-KTIMATOLOGIO S.A.
  • – Distribution of satellite data by permanent or virtual channels (RS-VRS) on geographic positioning to centimeter precision.
  • – Research Program for the Spatial Data Infrastructure – SDI, in order to enhance access, sharing and interoperability of the large volume of data generated through research programs and activities of Universities and Research Centers. This program is coordinated by the Secretariat of Communications and Information Society in Catalonia.
  • – The Greek Framework on Electronic Governance Service (e-Governance Framework or – PID) is part of the overall design of the Greek Public Administration to provide e-Government services to carriers, enterprises and citizens – Society of Information.
  • – Geo-Directory of geospatial data viewing for the Hellenic Military Geographical Service
  • – This website gives access to hydrological, meteorological, hydrological and geographical data in Greece, sourced from agencies such as the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change, the Hellenic Electric Company, the Hellenic National Meteorological Service, the Ministry of Agriculture, the National Observatory of Athens, the National Technical University -HYDROSCOPIO.