A.1.1 c FILYRO


Client: Municipality of Pylaia – Chortiatis (former Municipalities of: Pylaia, Chortiatis, Panorama)

Area: Settlement of Filyro, Municipality of Pylaia – Chortiatis, Regional Unit of Thessloniki

Study Category: Surveying (16) – Town Planning (02) – Geological (20) – Hydraulic (13)

The study concerns the urbanization of the areas of extension of the city plan of Filyro, the areas defined by decision of the Prefect, as well as the revision of the town plan of Filyro, according to the approved General Urban Plan (2002). The Stage A of Urban Planning was delivered in July 2006. Moreover, the Stage A of the study was received by decision of the Board of Directors in October 2008. Since then, there has been no progress in the Study. With the administrative reforms of “Kallikratis” there is a further delay in the development of the study. The completion of urban planning will contribute to the creation of a quality urban environment in the northeastern suburb of Thessaloniki, which is now “embraced” by the Sheich-Sou peri-urban forest and combined with the unobstructed view or the Thermaic Gulf on the one hand, or to Lake Koronia on the other hand, all the conditions for the perfect settlement of the region are being developed in the next decade.