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Client: KTIMATOLOGIO S.A. (Cadastre)

Area: Municipalities of Ampelokipoi – Menemeni, Kordelio – Evosmos, Oreokastro and former Ionias of Municipality of Delta

Study Category: Surveying (16)

The study concerns the cadastre for the creation of a National Cadastre in the former Local Authorities of Ambelokipoi, Menemeni, Eleftherio – Kordelio, Evosmos, Oraiokastro and in the former local districts of Diavata and Nea Magnisia of the former municipality of Echedoros. These areas were declared under cadastral survey for the work of the National Cadastre among other municipalities and communities (107 in total) with the Decision 9400/2007 of the Minister for the Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works  (Government Gazette-429 / B / 28-3-07).

Our company successfully completed the Phase A of the Project with the collection of property declarations of the Law 2308/95 and the record keeping of the active titles in these areas, a project that started in 2008 and was completed in 2009, and then undertook the implementation of the Phase B of the Project which deals with the cadastre for the creation of a National Cadastre. The Phase B’ of the Project was launched on 17-11-2009, the Posting of the cadastral data from 14-6-2011 and for two months as provided by the Law 2308/95 was carried out.

Until May 12, all decisions of the relevant Committees were issued on the objections that lodged during the Posting period. It is noted that the objections amount to a mere 0,006% of the total of the rights which is an important indicator of the high quality of the study. The cadastral data of the Suspension were reformed in accordance with the decisions of the Committees of pleas procedure and submitted to National Cadastre & Mapping Agency S.A.  from June ’12.

With the decisions for the completion of the cadastral survey of the Cadastre and Mapping Organization of Greece from 29-10-2013, operate the Cadastral Office of Neapolis, end of El. Venizelos-Neapoli, (areas: Evosmos and Oraiokastro) and from 31-10-2013 the Cadastral Office of Thessaloniki, 136 Tsimiski – building complex of YMCA, (areas: Ampelokipoi, Menemeni, Eleftherio Kordelio and N. Magnesia and Diavata).