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GAIA S.A. MELETON provides integrated solutions in the field of building projects and infrastructure and can support investors from the first steps of identifying suitable land for the desired investment up to designing, implementing the idea, getting authorization and final operation of the project, always under consideration of the current market environment and the planning and building legislation.

Το ενδιαφέρον της εταιρείας επικεντρώνεται κυρίως στην προώθηση των λύσεων με τις οποίες επιτυγχάνεται η μέγιστη λειτουργικότητα της λύσης, η προστασία του περιβάλλοντος και η ελαχιστοποίηση των περιβαλλοντικών επιπτώσεων και συγχρόνως το όσο το δυνατό περιορισμένο κόστος κατασκευής.

We provide comprehensive services such as:

  • Thermal insulation and energy efficiency (KENAK)
  • Heating installations
  • Air-conditioning – ventilation installation
  • Natural gas installations
  • Electrical installations design (strong currents/ feeble current)
  • Fire Safety – active fire protection
  • Lifts / lifting systems
  • Lightning protection
  • Special thermo hydraulic projects (networks of water, steam, condensate, gas, compressed air)
  • Special lighting technology

We provide comprehensive services such as:

  • Buildings’ Energy Performance assessment
  • Energy Conservation in Building Complexes
  • Energy Certification of Buildings
  • Thermoelectric projects
  • Small hydropower plants, solar systems and wind farms developmental projects

The Electromechanical Projects section of our Company features a fully trained and experienced personnel, specializing in electromechanical design, well aware of the legislation and regulatory framework governing this kind of projects and constantly informed on developments in the field.Coordinator of Electromechanical Project Department is Mr. Mertzanis Stavros.