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Client: Municipality of Thermaikos (former Municipalities of: Michaniona, Thermaikos, Epanomi)

Area: Settlement of Peraia – N. Epivates – Ag. Triada, Municipality of Thermaikos, Regional Unit of Thessaloniki

Study Category: Surveying (16) – Town Planning (02) – Geological (20) – Hydraulic (13)

The Study, which is being developed in collaboration with the company “Design SA”, concerns the urban planning of the areas, which are provided by the approved General Urban Plan (2007). It includes the extension areas of the city of Kato Peraia, Ano Peraia, Ano N. Epivates and Ag.Triadas, the revision areas of the city plan of Ano N. Epivates and Ano Peraia, as well as the urban planning areas of the Areas of Development Activities, which are provided by the approved General Urban Plan, utilization of land with uses of tourism – recreation and tertiary education, but also the regions Ε.Μ.Ο. for the location of productive activities of non-disturbance craftsmanship- industry. Following the delivery of the Stage A of the study in November 2010 and its reorganization based on the new data that emerged from the operations of the Forest Service of Thessaloniki, we expect the suggestion of the Supervising Service to the Municipality of the Quality of Life of the Municipality and to the Board of Directors, so that after this decision, we will proceed with the preparation of the B1 Stage of the study: upon its completion the urban plan will be posted so that the owners can get acquainted with and object to the project if they wish so. The completion of the urban planning in the area will be implement the approved General Urban Plan, creating a quality urban environment in the south suburb of Thessaloniki with a low building coefficient, relatively large parcels of land, with good road accessibility, with the required social equipment which will be developed in the area in the years to come and overlooks the eastern and northern part of the Thermaikos Gulf.