Client: Municipality of Makrakomi

Area: Settlement of Makrakomi, Municipality of Makrakomi, Regional Unit of Phthiotida

Study Category: Surveying (16) – Town Planning (02) – Geological (20) – Hydraulic (13)

The study concerns the planning of the extension areas under the approved General Urban Plan (1986), 1971 of areas with urban design in 1971, which have not been implemented, as well as the revision of the urban plan of the settlement in 1951.

The Stage A of Urban Planning was delivered in June 2006. Following the opinions of the services and the receipt by decision of the Board of Directors the B1 Stage was delivered in December 2006 and re-submitted in September 2007 following comments from the Managing Authority. The urban planning plans were posted in November 2007 and 118 complaints were collected on the urban planning study. During the year 2008 the developer expressed his opinion on the objections, the city plans were corrected on various points based on new data that emerged, the Municipality was consulted by decision of the Board of Directors and the Managing Authority formulated its opinion and formed its statement on the objections. Based on the suggestion of the Managing Authority, the city plans were modified and re-posted in June 2010, in order to bring the owners / complainants to the notice to address their objections. 77 new complaints were submitted and the same procedure was followed with the opinions of the developer, the Municipality and the suggestion of the Managing Authority.

The Stream Determination Study has been approved in 2009 by the Technical Services Division of Fthiotida and its final approval will be carried out with the Presidential decree with the city plans. Also, an act of characterization has been issued by the Forest Service of Spercheiada for the planning region and a supplementary act was requested, due to a change in the urbanization limit, after a correction during the Urban Planning of the Stage B.

Today, the Urban Planning Study is in the final stage of its submission by the Managing Authority to the Urban Planning and Dispute Councils of Fthiotida, in order to examine all the procedures and to give an opinion on the study. Finally, it is noted that the Study has joined the Green Fund.