Client: Municipality of Kassandra (former Municipalities of: Kassandra, Pallini)

Area: Settlement of Kalandra, Municipality of Kassandra, Regional Unit of Chalkidiki

Study Category: Surveying (16) – Town Planning (02) – Geological (20)

The Study concerns the urban planning of the settlement of Kalandra and specifically of its demarcated part by decision of the Prefect of Chalkidiki, which includes a coherent and a scattered section. The Stage A has been delivered, which includes the analysis of existing land uses, the existing institutional framework for building, the existing infrastructure projects and networks, as well as the preliminary design of land use, traffic organization and proposed building conditions. The preliminary design / proposal takes into account the tourist character of the settlement, the morphological relief and the existing streets, both in the coherent section and the dispersed, the boundaries of the properties, as well as the existing communal spaces, in order to create a quality residential environment that will cover the needs for both home and summer residence.