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Client: Municipality of Kassandra (former Municipalities of: Kassandra, Pallini)

Area: Settlement of N. Skioni, Municipality of Kassandra, Regional Unit of Chalkidiki

Study Category: Surveying (16) – Town Planning (02)

The study concerns the urban planning of the settlement of N.Skioni of the Municipal Unit of Pallini, which is delimited by the Prefect decision , as well as the extensions of the a’ and b’ residence, which are determined by the approved Open City Spatial and Housing Organization Plan of the “Kapodistrian” Municipality of Pallini. The Stage A of the study was delivered in mid-2002, but since then there has been no development, as the Managing Authority considered that first the Open City Spatial and Housing Organization Plan must be completed of the “Kapodistrian” of the Municipality of Pallini, and then to elaborate the Stage B of urban planning. The Open City Spatial and Housing Organization Plan was approved with a long delay in May 2012, so the continuation of the urban planning study of N. Skioni is now possible, but following relevant initiatives that the Municipality should undertake (eg regarding the appointment of a supervising engineer, etc.).

The urban planning and the proposed city plan should respect the core of the settlement with the squares, protect the streams of the area, regulate the land uses with the required communal and public spaces, but also to propose new roads, so as to acquire a “face” of many “blind” properties today and to be served  the traffic organization of the settlement, taking also into account the seasonal tourist activity.