Client: Municipality of Aristotelis (former Municipalities of: Arnaia, Panagia, Stageira – Akanthos)

Area: Settlements of Neochori and Palaiochori, Municipality of Aristotelis, Regional Unit of Chalkidiki

Study Category: Surveying (16) – Town Planning (02)

The study concerns the urban planning of the settlements of Neochori and Palaiochori, of the Municipal Unit of Arnaia, which are delimited by decisions of the Prefect: Neochori was demarcated in 1987 (decision 586249 / 30-7-1987, Government Gazette 810Δ’ / 1987) and there was a further delimitation in 1991, while Palaiochori was also defined by the same decision (1987 ). Urban planning also includes a small expanse of extensions, according to the approved General Urban Plan of «Kapodistrian» Municipality of Arnaia (2010). The urban planning of both settlements was completed in 2007, after all the necessary procedures (suspensions of city plans, objections e.t.c.) and opinions of the competent services, and a full folder has been submitted to the Ministry of the Environment, Urban Planning and Public Works by Directorate for Environment and Spatial Design of Central Macedonia (Managing Authority), in order to be examined by the Central Board of the CH.O.P.

This has not been done so far, due to the followed policy by the Ministry not to promote urban studies unless the above-mentioned plans have been approved first, that is, the General Urban Plan or the Open City Spatial and Housing Organization Plan (although in the relevant Law.2508 / 1997 there is a provision for the possibility for studies that started before 1997). Today, after the administrative reformation of “Kallikrati” and the approval of the General Urban Plan of “Kapodistrian” of the Municipality of Arnaia (2010), the re-examination of the town planning study is carried out, with its full adaptation to the proposals of the approved General Urban Plan and re-submission of the Stage B in March 2013. The boundaries of the streams have been validated in the study area by decision of the Prefect in 1998 and there is an opinion from the Arnaia Forest Sevice, which will be used today for the expected publication of the Characterization Act for the forest areas of the study area by the Arnaia Forest Service. A geological suitability study has also been approved.

The urban planning study will be re-posted at the points where latest changes to the city plans are made and then a full folder will be sent to Council for Urban Issues and Challenges of Chalkidiki for an opinion. The completion of urban planning will boost and cover the housing needs, contribute to the protection of the environment (especially the streams and forests in the immediate contiguity) and will create the conditions for a quality urban environment that will satisfy both the permanent and the seasonal population of the region.