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Client: Municipality of Aristotelis (former Municipalities of: Arnaia, Panagia, Stageira – Akanthos)

Area: Settlement of Ouranoupoli, Municipality of Aristotelis, Regional Unit of Chalkidiki

Study Category: Surveying (16) – Town Planning (02)

The study concerns the urban planning of the settlement of Ouranoupoli of the Municipal Unit of Stagira-Akanthos, which is delimited by decision of the Prefect (1988) and includes the distribution of the settlement of the Ministry of Agriculture (1968 with amendments in 1969, 1972 and 1979) and an extension area, which is located northwest of the settlement between him and in an area with distribution of the settlement of the Ministry of Agriculture, as well as to the east of the settlement towards the area of Mount Athos.  The Study implements and specifies the directions of the approved General Urban Plan (former) Municipality of Stagira-Akanthos (2010). The boundaries of the streams have been validated in the study area by decision of the General Secretary of the Region of Central Macedonia in 2004 and a Characterization Act for the forest area of the study area was issued by the Arnaia Forest Service (2005).

The Urban Planning Study has been completed and sent for an opinion to Council for Urban Issues and Challenges of Chalkidiki from June 2012. The completion of urban planning will boost the tourist development of the region, cover housing needs, contribute to the protection of the environment (especially the streams and forests in the immediate contiguity) and will create the conditions for a quality urban environment that will satisfy both the permanent and the seasonal population of the region.