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Client: Municipality of Aristotelis (former Municipalities of: Arnaia, Panagia, Stageira – Akanthos)

Area: Settlement of Megali Panagia, Municipality of Aristotelis, Regional Unit of Chalkidiki

Study Category: Surveying (16) – Town Planning (02)

The study concerns the urban planning of the settlement of the Megali Panagia, according to the approved General Urba Plan of the “Kapodistrian” of the Municipality of Panagia (2007), which modified the General Urban Plan of 1998 (specifications of Law 1377/1983). The settlement is characterized as pre-existing of 1923 (Government Gazette 497D’/1978) and consists of its core with narrow streets and alleys, some municipal and private buildings with some features of traditional architecture, as well as a limited sparse built part of it, which has not been rebuilt, since many stadiums are “blind”.

The Urban Planning Study initially includes the pre-existing of 1923 settlement and the areas of the General Urban Plan extensions of 1998 (the city plan had been posted, objections had been submitted and the developer and the Municipality had been consulted by decision of the Board of Directors) and subsequently after the approval of the General Urban Plan of 2007, includes other extensions of a’ and b’ housing, as well as a craft zone (for these new areas the Stage A of the urban planning study was carried out in 2008, which has been received by the Municipality of Panagia). The Stage B1 of the Planning Study (2009) was elaborated, the deliverables of which, after their approval by the Managing Authority, were forwarded to the Municipality in March 2010 to proceed the necessary posting procedures for the city plans.

The administrative reform of Kallikratis caused its impact on the development of the study, and despite the designation of the Municipality of Aristotle (2012), the promotion of the study is still pending. The completion of the urban design will boost the tourist development of the area by developing holiday homes, according to the approved General Urban Plan, will cover housing needs, contribute to the protection of the environment (especially the streams and forests in the immediate contiguity) and will create the conditions for a quality urban environment that will satisfy both the permanent and the seasonal population of the region.