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GAIA S.A. MELETON provides integrated solutions on Structure Plans. Structure Plans (Category 01) concern projects that aim to integrate human and human activities successfully in its environment in order to achieve sustainable development. These projects are key tools for strategic planning and furthermore they have social, economic, and ecological implications. Within this framework we plan with main criterions being innovation, local conditions and the specifics of each study area to deliver an outcome that promotes sustainable development.

The Structure Plans include General Urban Plans (GUP) and Spatial Plans of Housing Organization in Open Cities (Master Plans), Special Planning projects, Local Development Plans, Development Plans of Control Zones, Local Town Planning and Development Plans for Seasonal Residence.

The Structure Plans section features fully trained and experienced staff that has a thorough knowledge of the relevant legislation and is continuously informed on the developments of structure planning. In addition, there is an excellent and continuous cooperation with stakeholders, supervisors, and the local community, to achieve mutual acceptance of project outcomes,.

Coordinator of Structure Plans Department is Mrs. Kalkopoulou Kornilia.

Get access on the relevant legislation in the following files of the Government Gazette:

Ministerial Decision DOY/OIK.1920/05.04.2016: «Approval of the Technical Instructions for bicycle (Bicycle infrastructures)» (Government Gazette 1053B’/14.04.2016)

Ministerial Decision 60702/30.12.2014: Technical specifications of study of Special Spatial Plans (S.S.P.) of the Law 4269/2014 (Government Gazette 142/A’/2014)» (Government Gazette 39B’/14.01.2015)

Ministerial Decision «Specifications Technical requirements for the receiving sites of transfer of development rights of article 4 of the Law 3044/2002» (Government Gazette 2435B’/05.08.2016)

Law 4269/2014 (Government Gazette 142A’/28.06.2014): «Spatial and Urban Reform – Sustainable Development»

Law 4280/2014 (Government Gazette 159A’/08.08.2014): «Environmental Upgrading – Private Urbanization Sustainable Development of Settlements – Forest Law Settings and other Provisions»

Law 4276/2014: «Simplification of tourism businesses and tourism infrastructure operating procedures, special forms of tourism and other provisions» (Government Gazette 155A’/30.07.2014)


Law 4179/2013 (Government Gazette 175A’/08.08.2013): «Simplification procedures for strengthening entrepreneurship in tourism, restructuring of the Greek Tourism Organization and other provisions»

P.D. 12.06.2012 «Directory Adoption of small island wetlands and defining the conditions and restrictions for the protection and promotion of small coastal wetlands that included in this» (Government Gazette 229ΑΑΠ/19.06.2012)

Decision 28704/4362/26.11.2011: «Special Framework for Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development Accommodations of Detention» (Government Gazette 1575B’/28.11.2001)

Decision 31722/04.11.2011: «Approval of Special Framework for Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development for aquacultures and the strategic environmental impact assessment of this» (Government Gazette 2505B’/04.11.2011)

P.D. 04.11.2011 «Building conditions and restrictions within the boundaries of settlements with population up to 2,000 inhabitants» (Government Gazette 289AAP/04.11.2011)

Law 3982/2011 (Government Gazette 143A’/17.06.2001) «Simplification of licensing of professional technical and manufacturing activities and business parks and other provisions »

Law 3937 – Biodiversity (31/03/2011)

Law 3852 Kallikratis (7/06/2010)

Dec.Num. 24208 Special Tourism Framework (11/06/2009)

Dec.Num. 11508 Special Industry Framework (13/04/2009)

Dec.Num. 49828 Special Spatial Plan for Renewable Energy Sources (3/12/2008)

(Government Gazette 128A’/03.07.2008): «Approval of the General Framework for Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development»

Dec.Num.12061 Centers Of Training On Sports Tourism (3/08/2007)

Ministerial Decision 51279/08.12.2005: «Specifying of documents, process and siting conditions of Areas Organized for Productivity Growth for the development of production and business activities in the Tertiary Sector and activities or business initiatives of experimental character.» (Government Gazette 1722B’/15.12.2005)

Dec.Num. 10788 Urban Constants (5/03/2004)

Law 3028/2002: «For the Protection of Antiquities and in general of Cultural Heritage» (Government Gazette 153A’/28.06.2002)

Dec.Num. 9572|1845 Technical Specifications On GUP And Master Plans (7/04/2000)

Government Gazette 207A Spatial Planning (7/10/1999)

(Government Gazette 580D’/06.09.1985): Code of basic town planning legislation

Law 2508 Sustainable Urban Development (13/06/1997)

P.D. 23.02.1987: «Categories and contents of land use» (Government Gazette 166D’/06.03.1987)

Law 1650/1986 (Government Gazette 160A’/16.10.1986): «Environmental protection»

Law 1561/1985: «Regulatory Plan and environment protection program of wider area of Thessaloniki and other provisions» (Government Gazette 148A’/06.09.1985)