Progress of the study “Local Spatial Plan of Skydra”

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On 26-04-2018 a Contract was signed with the Municipality of Skydra for the elaboration of the study “Local Spatial Plan of the Municipality of Skydra”. The study is being prepared in accordance with the New Spatial Planning Law 4447/2016 “Spatial Planning – Sustainable Development and Other Provisions”, with the aim of preparing a study for the whole Municipality of Skydra (Kallikratis), in accordance with the new specifications approved by the Ministry decision 27016 / 06.06.2017.

The Municipality of Skydra is the first  in Greece to have assigned such a study and adapts to the new spatial and urban planning context of the 21st century.

The Study is a complex process and includes a strategic environmental impact assessment and a geological study. It sets the standard of spatial development and organization throughout the territory of the Municipality, with a view to balanced and sustainable development. It regulates a range of issues, such as land uses, building conditions and restrictions, development sizes, housing planning, necessary infrastructure works, guidelines and measures to protect the natural and cultural environment, restructuring, regeneration and redevelopment interventions, etc.

It is a strategic and preventive tool with social, economic, environmental, etc. extensions and is a top priority project for the Municipality, as it will contribute greatly to upgrading the natural, social and economic environment, exploiting the comparative advantages and opportunities of the Municipality, and addressing problems and weaknesses.

The first phase of the study has been completed and received, and the second phase of the study has been delivered in February 2019. Its approval and acceptance is pending in order for the next Study phase to begin.