In the field of Cadastre GAIA S.A. MELETON conducts surveys of National Cadastre and of Land Consolidations.

The elaboration of cadastral surveys aims at creating a modern and fully automated archive of real estate which guarantees to safeguard the citizens’ property rights and to ensure public and municipal property, reducing bureaucracy and enhancing transparency. Unquestionably the National Cadastre is an invaluable tool for regional development.

Our company recognizing the importance of the National Cadastre and with high sense of social responsibility, has created a department that specializes in cadastral studies comprised of highly qualified executives and has developed cadastral management quality plans in order to achieve high quality objectives.

Coordinator of Cadastre Department is Mrs. Papadopoulou Aristea.

The institutional framework regulating the development and maintenance of National Cadastre is governed by two key pieces of legislation, Law2308/1995 which establishes the procedure of cadastral survey and Law 2664/1998 that determines the function of the National Cadastre. These Laws were amended successively by Law2508/1997, Law 3208/2003, Law 3127/2003, Law 3212/2003, Law 3481/2006 and Law 4030/2011.

    • Law 3983/2011 National strategy for the protection and management of the marine environment (Article 24: modification of Law. 2664/98 for the extension period of original recordings correction and process comprehensive cadastral diagrams corrections) (Government Gazette-144/A/17-6-11)
    • Decision 26793/2011: Regulation of organization, staffing and operation of the Department of Geoinformatics of the Hellenic Mapping & Cadastral Organization (HMCO), according to the paragraph 3 of Article 30 of the Law 3882/10 (Government Gazette-1453/B/17-6-11)
    • Decision 37842/2011: Content and form of Cadastral Map-Free administration of Cadastral Map to public authorities (Government Gazette-2288/B/13-10-11. Error correction with the Government Gazette-3033/B/30-12-11)
    • Law 4164/2013: Supplementation of provisions about the National Cadastre and other configurations (Government Gazette-156/A/9-7-13)
    • Decision 561/08/2013: Approval of «Technical specifications of Adjustment Cadastral Maps Studies due to redefinition position and parcels limits»
    • Law 4363/2016: Regulation issues of permutations soldiers, staff concern and other provisions (article 37: amendment of article 6 of the Law 2664/98 for the extension of the original recording correction deadlines for internal residents (Government Gazette-10/A/1-2-16)
    • Decision 15649/2016: Approval of technical specifications and regulation of estimated fees of the National Cadastre & Mapping Agency S.A. of cadastral projects for the creation of National Cadastre in the rest of the country