Client: Municipality of Thermaicos

Area: N. Michaniona

Study Category: Surveying (16)

The study concerns the urbanization of the urban design extensions of the settlements of N.Michaniona, N. Kerasia, Aggelochori and Paralia Aggelochoriou, in the urbanization of the Michaniona Industrial Park, as well as in the revision of the urban plans of N.Kerasia, Aggelochori and the Beach of Aggelochori, according to approved General Urban Plan of Machaniona (2002). With the urban planning, N. Kerasia and N. Michaniona join together, creating a dynamic residential complex and at the same time Aggelochori is ”approaching” to the Beach. The study has been consulted by the Prefectural and Central Housing and Environment Planning Council of the Ministry of the Environment, Urban Planning and Public Works, there has been a final posting of the latest changes in the city plan to inform owners, who are affected by the proposed Central Housing and Environment Planning Council changes and following a relevant decision of the Board of Directors legislative control is pending and the adoption of a presidential decree with the approved urban plan and the town planning regulation. The completion of urban planning will delimit the built-up areas, provide new plots to cover the housing needs of the residents of Thessaloniki’s Suburban Zone, will ensure coverage of needs in communal and public spaces, and will contribute to the protection of streams